Ohio Bigfoot Sightings, Research, and

Investigations in Southwest Ohio!


Welcome to Ohio Bigfoot .com (Formerly TriState Bigfoot)!

We handle Bigfoot sightings, research, and investigations in southwestern Ohio and parts of northern Kentucky! If you cannot find someone in your area, you are welcome to send your Ohio reports here and we will attempt to find someone in your area. If you believe you have seen or heard something you can't quite explain, please feel free to:


We try to keep our page as up to date as possible! Please have a look around and check back as often as you'd like.. if you're interested in recent sightings in our corner of the Buckeye state, check out the Sightings page. Maybe you're wanting to hear some strange audio clips on our Evidence page? If research is your thing, try our Information and Resources pages! For inquiries unrelated to sighting reports, you can reach us via the Contact page.



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