Clermont County

June 2011

Ohio Bigfoot .com Report received via website

Witness Report: "Hello my name is (name removed) I recently went with a relative to a fairly remote area off of (road removed) outside Moscow, Ohio. I take a skeptical approach on the whole bigfoot phenomena to be honest. My relative took me to a spot were he claimed he has had an encounter with the animal. While we were there we made several calls and even did some tree knocking. We did this for 30min or so and then in the distance I heard a vocal response. It was a partially drawn out whoooping sound. Well that did not make too much since to me. Then an hour or so had passed and I started to get this feeling like something was watching us it was almost dusk. About 8:45.Upon getting this feeling we start walking up toward the gravel road and when we get to it from the woods right in front of us comes this noise that really startled me.I wanted to get out there. The noise was a scream with a low gargle to it. As we move to the exit in the field to the right i saw something walk into the neerby woods a good distence away."