Brown County

January 2012

Ohio Bigfoot .com Report received via website

Witness Report: "I was driving on Bodman Road when I came to the railroad tracks. I slowed down like I always do and looked to the left, then right. My attention immediately went to what I thought at first glance was a tall person in a black cloak standing off to the side of the tracks. As I started to drive away, I stopped again when it dawned on me that what I saw was not a person. The size of the upper body was huge and the head was almost pointed like. I thought it was a person in a cloak at first because there was no separation between coat, pants, boots, etc. it was all connected. It had it's back to my children and I but turned it's head slightly toward us as we passed. It was early evening and very hard to make out any facial features.. but it definitely was not a person."