Brown County


Ohio Bigfoot .com Report received via team member

Witness Report: "It was probably 5:30 in the morning when I was going into my hunting spot, so it was still very dark. The only light I had was from my pocket flash light. There were sapling trees to my left and a very steep drop to my right, the drop was covered with thick thorn bushes all the way down to the creek bed. As I was walking I heard an animal shuffle around in the saplings, I thought I might have jumped up a bedded down deer. I stood there and listened as the animal began to walk through the trees. I knew from the sound of the walking that it could not have been a deer, it sounded heavy and almost man-like. I shined my flash light into the trees to try and get a view of what I was hearing. Through the trees all I could see was a dark reddish-brown hair. The hair was much too long to be that of a deer and it looked nothing like any animal that I was familiar with. I could also see that the animal was of considerable size because it's shoulders and head were all blocked by leaves, the leaves were 6 or more feet off of the ground. About 20 feet before the animal crossed the trail I was on it took off in a sprint, it cleared 80 or more feet of ground in seconds. It tore down the steep hillside and through the creek in a time that I knew was not humanly possible. I was very familiar with bigfoot at the time so that is what first came to mind."